The Year Thus Far

I’ve got a lot of material to go back and sort through in 2018, and I’ll take it piece by piece.  I started with a few escape rooms in Illinois before going on the following trips.  Also note that I’ve gone to Wisconsin a few times, but I’m going to group those stories together in recap.

  1. Hometown (Illinois)
  2. Road Trip (Indiana, Ontario, Michigan, Ohio)
  3. Bahamas Cruise (Florida)
  4. Visit Family (Kentucky)
  5. Trip to the Farm (Wisconsin)
  6. Day Trip to Iowa (Iowa)
  7. Short Trip to Atlanta / Oxford (Georgia, Alabama)
  8. Long Drive to Fargo (North Dakota, Minnesota)
  9. Vegas Trip (Arizona, Nevada, Utah)
  10. 24 Hours in LA (California)
  11. A Day in Texas (Louisiana, Texas)
  12. Weekend on the Coast (North Carolina, South Carolina)
  13. A Quick Three States (Arkansas, Mississippi, Tennessee)
  14. Memorial Day Road Trip (Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, South Dakota)
  15. The Big Alaskan Cruise (Alaska, Washington, Oregon)

After a quick start with a road trip and a cruise, my travels slowed down due to Chicago’s unpredictable weather, but I ramped it up again over the past month and gotten more than halfway to the goal.  I don’t have too many pictures from these trips but I’ll do what I can to dig up the best stories from each.

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