Cancun: Relax & Puzzle

September 20, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

I can’t believe we’re already on the latter half of our trip to Cancun! This trip has been a little different from any other I’ve ever done, but still very enjoyable.

Cancun: A New Adventure

September 18, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

For the first time in about four years, I’m going on a vacation in which it’s possible I might not complete an escape room. Horrifying, I know, but there’s a lot to look forward to.

Remarkable Week

September 13, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

This week was a little bit unusual. I took nearly a full week of paid time off from my job to focus on the Red Bull Discovery Lab, yet this is the first time I’ve had in a week to put together a post. How can that be?

New Puzzle- Space Fantasy

September 8, 2020 Brian Gondek 2

It’s been too long since I wrote a new puzzle, but inspiration struck today with the two-punch speaker event I attended as part of Red Bull Mind Gamers covering puzzle design and long distance space travel.

Exit: The Catacombs of Horror

August 24, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

My experience with the Kosmos “Exit the Game” series has been hit or miss… And I’m starting to wonder if the difference in experience isn’t the specifics of each game but rather the environment in which I’m attempting to play it.