Tall Tales Investigations – The Case of Percy De Vere

December 28, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

I’m blown away. I played The Case of Percy De Vere, one of the at home murder mystery games from Tall Tales Mysteries, and without hyperbole I can say it’s the best at home murder mystery game I’ve played, beating out strong competition from companies like Hunt a Killer and Unsolved Case Files.

A Thank You to Paruzal

December 19, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

One of my favorite new developments in 2019-2020 was the advent of the online escape room. While businesses everywhere were locked down, clever business owners realized there was a new opportunity to offer puzzle games playable from home. While escape rooms you can play on your computer are nothing new, the novelty of having an online game master walking you through a scenario was great, and even after physical businesses reopened, I still appreciate playing these games from time to time.

ERChamp as a Watcher

November 20, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

Being part of the design team for ERChamp this year has been a unique experience- the annual online escape room tournament has been my favorite event to participate in every year, and now that I’m part of the design team, I can’t play along any more.

Bethlehem, PA: Escape.exe – Neon Tokyo (Resistance)

November 7, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

The last time I visited Escape.exe, in April 2021, Neon Tokyo was coming soon. After the experience I had in the first room, Site: 117, Neon Tokyo was a must-visit, and the next time Christina and I needed to drive to the east coast, we made sure our path took us past Escape.exe.

Long Drive East

October 8, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

It’s nice being back in the swing of things with travel. Only a few weeks after circumventing Lake Michigan, we’re hitting the road for a long journey eastward.

Glowing Key Launch!

September 21, 2022 Brian Gondek 0

Today I’ve finally completed something I’ve had in motion for a long time- starting a business! It’s called Glowing Key, LLC.