Wedding Anticipation

October 25, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

No, I haven’t vanished without a trace. The past few weeks have been very busy wrapping up Christina’s and my wedding plans, and now we’re only two days out.

The Anatomy of a Bad Experience

July 21, 2019 Brian Gondek 1

Christina and I recently completed a negative experience at a nearby escape room, Panic Escape Room.  I don’t like speaking negatively about escape rooms regarding subjective elements that I personally didn’t like, but Panic had enough objective issues that make it a perfect case study for simple things to avoid in room design.

50 States, Pictured

July 18, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I finally got around to plotting on a map the locations of where I’ve solved escape rooms. Now I’m interested in taking trips to plug some of the biggest geographical gaps.

Escape Room Prizes

July 4, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Many escape room businesses offer some kind of prize for winning.  Whether it be a small prize like a sticker or a big prize like a T-shirt, or even proof of victory like a digital leaderboard or a stamp on a “passport,” there are a lot of prizes out there right now.  So what makes a good prize? I’ll break down my thoughts on a few of the prizes I’ve encountered:

Aquatic Atlanta Adventure

June 24, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Christina and I had a brutal time getting to Atlanta and arrived late on Friday, June 7.  We left straight from work and came dangerously close to missing our plane due to an already-late Uber driver stopping for Starbucks on the way.  So of course our reaction was to seek out an escape room immediately upon landing.

And… Home Again

May 14, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

The trip to Denver was wonderful, start to finish. Rabbit Hole’s second room did not disappoint, and in addition to three other escape rooms, Christina and I also managed to do some hiking, visit an interactive art exhibit, and stop at some of our favorite pit stops.

Back to Denver

May 10, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

On the verge of returning to Denver for the first time since early November 2018, I noticed a strange quirk on my escape room tracker- I haven’t commented on any escape room experiences I completed since then! Since November I’ve been writing about experiences from earlier in 2018, of which I still have plenty more to document.


May 4, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I know I’m a bit delinquent in posting a new puzzle this week, but this time around, I have a good reason- Christina and I are engaged! And before you ask, no, I did not propose in an escape room. 🙂

Just Like Artwork

April 22, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

It’s been a little while since I’ve posted anything related to my opinions on escape room design. This weekend I had an interesting juxtaposition of experiences which helps to explain why I don’t like making blanket statements about the quality of rooms or choosing favorites.

Late Riddle This Week

April 12, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I hate having to start with an apology, but sorry for the late riddle this week. On the bright side, I’ve still got some unsolved puzzles which can be viewed all together by this link.