My Puzzles

Below are a few games I’ve created. They combine escape room elements with puzzle hunt challenges to give players a unique puzzling experience.

If you haven’t done a puzzle hunt before, check out the MIT Mystery Hunt page for an idea of how this works. These puzzles usually require a modicum of outside research to solve and the objective isn’t given to you in clear terms. Part of the adventure is figuring out what you need to do.

All of my games will include some kind of optional hint system in case you’re looking for a nudge forward.

Winner Takes All (January 2021, RoomEscapeMaker)

My first attempt at this type of puzzle. I was getting the hang of the interface and how to work around character limitations; if you get stuck and the hints don’t make sense to you, feel free to reach out directly and I can give you some better nudges.

Winner Takes All

Lazy Quest (March 2021, Adventuron Classroom)

While participating in the Cryptex Puzzle Hunt, I looked into Adventuron software and immediately doodled a game on a sheet of scratch paper I had handy. This game is the result.

Please pardon the errors you get after the intro text. The game still works properly once you click past them. I will publish a revision at some point in the future.

I call it “Lazy Quest” due to the lack of detail I’ve added- no photos, and aside from the answers to the puzzles, the environment isn’t as overall interactive as I’d like it to be, nor does it provide custom responses for most “wrong” interactions. But it should be a decent 10 minute diversion for text adventure fans, and it includes a secret ending I had a lot of fun hiding in the game.

Lazy Quest