Puzzle #1

I also would like to use this blog to post puzzles for people to try.  All my puzzles will be originals, and I’m going to try to make ones that can’t be solved by entering them into Google.  I’m not pre-testing for fairness, so if you find yourself having trouble, it may be that I made the puzzle way too difficult.  Only way to know is to try!  

I may give out prizes at some point, so the first person to respond with the right answer will be recorded and saved until I figure out an appropriate reward!

Solve me!

Credit to Jon C. for being the first to figure this one out.  I will record this for a prize to be awarded at a later date!

The solution:


The next number in the sequence is 4.  If you write each number in the sequence as a word, e.g. THREE, the following number in the sequence is the number of letters it took to spell the number.  FIVE has four letters, and therefore the answer to the puzzle is 4.


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