Puzzle #47: Accidental Creation

June 22, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I’ve had a busy few weeks. The last two weekends involved a trip to Georgia and North Carolina as well as significant wedding planning. I feel remiss to not have even mentioned my trip to Atlanta yet, which had some pretty neat escape room experiences despite a relatively short trip.

Puzzle #43: Around the US

April 4, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Last week we had multiple correct answers submitted- first was Scott S, followed by Jon C. The answer will be updated on that puzzle page! This week’s puzzle weaves in something I learned while traveling around the US. It may help if you know (or research) details about each of these places.

Puzzle #42: St. Louis Blues

March 29, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

So I took a trip to St. Louis last weekend and haven’t yet written a word on it. I guess that’s bound to happen sometime when I’m moving along in a hurry. Just about 24 hours in St. Louis, and nine escape rooms solved (well, eight around St. Louis and one on the way home). There were definitely a few noteworthy adventures, and I’ll provide those stories at another time. For now, it’s time for a puzzle.

Puzzle #39: Day Late, Dollar Short

March 8, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Yes, I’m a day late with puzzle #39… But as far as I know, puzzle #38 has not been answered yet, so there’s been something to work on in the meantime! Either way, it’s time I post a new puzzle for the week.

Puzzle #37: Break in the Action

February 22, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I feel like the twelve projects I’m taking on for 2019 are pretty manageable (at least the first few), yet I’m running into the problem of having no time to dedicate to them.  I’m looking at spending a vacation day this week to get some headway and get back on track, and I may need to use a few more days the same way to make this goal a reality.

Puzzle #35: Video Round!

February 7, 2019 Brian Gondek 2

I’m in Los Angeles now on my way to a cruise that’ll take me to Ensenada Mexico, and I’m really hoping I’ll find a way to play their escape room.  The room first opens at 5PM and my cruise ship departs at 6, so unless I can get them to open early for me, I’m out of luck.  But I will keep trying!

Puzzle #34: Outside the Box

January 31, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Well, it’s officially cold in Chicago.  I put a water bottle INSIDE my foyer, and this morning it was frozen solid when I woke up.  I’m pretty sure that if my heater stops working, my place will be sub zero in under an hour.  As a result, I really wanted to do a fire-themed puzzle today, but I settled for matchsticks.

Puzzle #29: Numeric Crux

December 29, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

A lot of my recent numeric puzzles have been tied to outside relationships of things typically associated with numbers.  Today I wanted to go back to having one that dealt purely with numbers & mathematics.  This time, if you hate mathematics, you should probably steer clear!

Puzzle #25: Plus 1 Letter

November 29, 2018 Brian Gondek 1

After last week’s puzzle focused on an interesting relationship between two words with the same letters (gum/mug, congrats to Jon C. for being first to answer), I upped the ante and came up with a similar puzzle with two four letter words.

Puzzle #24: One for the Road

November 22, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

On the road to Wisconsin to visit family for Thanksgiving, a new riddle fell right into my lap and I knew I had my puzzle for the week.  One more thing to give thanks for.  But seriously, this year has been great and I feel very blessed.  Thanks again to everyone who’s made the 2018 journey so special.  And the year isn’t over just yet!