Green Bay, WI: Escape Room Wisconsin (Green Bay) – Boy and the Bean

June 15, 2018 – Still getting back into the swing of things after three weeks of heavy travel, I opted to stay a little closer to home this weekend… Within 250 miles, at least!  Crivitz, Wisconsin is a nice getaway destination, with Green Bay, an hour away, being the closest “big” city in the area.  On the way I stopped at Escape Room Wisconsin – Green Bay.

I always like when escape rooms add a little local flavor to the room, and Escape Room Wisconsin has a really fun football room.  For those who don’t follow football, Green Bay is one of the hallowed destinations in NFL lore, with one of the league’s oldest and most popular franchises.  What also makes it special is that the Packers are the NFL’s only small town team, with just over 100K residents in the city.  Everything in town is green and gold, matching the team’s colors, so it’s only appropriate that Escape Room Wisconsin create a room that matches the theme.

Already having done the Packers room, I solved the newest room, “The Boy and the Bean.”  A sequel to the Jack and the Beanstalk fairytale, the scenario asks participants to ransack Jack’s cottage while he’s distracted and pilfer the prizes he gleaned in the original tale.  It was a fun setup and the decor was spot on.

I’m going to avoid giving any spoilers for the room, but I did enjoy it quite a bit.  Having done 240+ rooms, I’m always surprised that there’s still very rarely overlap in puzzles, but it’s less and less common to find themes I’ve never done before.  In the Jack and the Beanstalk scenario, finding the golden eggs, the goose, and the beans adds a nice flow to the room that let’s you know how well you’re doing in a fun and simple way.

It was also neat to hear that the owner designed an immersive fantasy pub room solely for playing Dungeons & Dragons in.  I didn’t get a chance to see the room, but rumor has it they may turn it into an escape room of its own someday.  As someone who goes overboard on my own hobbies, I appreciate when I see someone else going to great lengths to do something unique!

Boy & The Bean

After the room, we continued upward to my old family farm just north of Crivitz.  Not too many puzzles to solve there as far as I know, but I can use the time to prepare for my next adventure.


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