March 20: Big Day

March 26, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

I really could not care less about my birthday. I can barely remember my age, so it feels strange to celebrate when it hits a milestone. In spite of that, I had an excellent time on the day that just happened to be my birthday!

St. Charles, MO: Deadlock

February 13, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

January 3, 2021- I left Springfield, MO with only about half of a plan. I knew it would involve at least one escape room, and hopefully more. Thankfully, Deadlock Escape had availability that evening.

Arvada, CO: Conundrum Escape – Experiment C73

November 2, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

June 13, 2020 – After a VERY brief adventure at the top of Pike’s Peak, Christina and I weren’t ready to call it a night. Our first thought was to search for an escape room near Colorado Springs, but after striking out on available slots / locations, we scanned the Denver area again. Miraculously, Conundrum had one slot available for Experiment C73, and we had just enough time to get up to Arvada before the slot.

Louisville, CO: Rabbit Hole Recreation Services – Frost Base Z

June 20, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

June 12, 2020 – Every time I visit Rabbit Hole Recreation Services I get a little bolder in proclaiming how special they are.  One world-class room is a data point, two is a trend, and three is an identity.  Frost Base Z cements Rabbit Hole as a place every escape room enthusiast needs to add to his or her bucket list.

Bellevue, WA (Online): Reality Break – Seattle Freeze

June 7, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

As an avid traveler who loves learning more about the places I visit, I really enjoy when escape rooms tie a bit of local lore into their games.  I had written off experiencing anything like that during the pandemic lockdowns, but Reality Break Escapes in Bellevue, WA has made a very neat game that scratches the itch for both solving puzzles and getting to see some less common landmarks in a major US city – Seattle, in this case.

Minneapolis, MN (Online): Trapped Puzzle Rooms – Herbert’s Laboratory

May 29, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

When I got an email from Trapped describing their new “audio escape room” adventure, my interest was immediately piqued. In 2019, Christina and I had previously had one big adventure involving Trapped, driving to Minneapolis during a blizzard to catch the final day of their Legend of Lyndale House game (a 90 minute escape room using a full multi-story house as the set). That game left a lasting memory for us, so the idea of playing one of Trapped’s games from home sounded almost too good to be true.

Online (Japan): Scrap – Escape the Werewolf Village

May 15, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

My escape room solve tally has been stuck just shy of 400 since the lockdowns started.  Sure, I’ve played a few home games and online games, and most of them have been enjoyable, but it’s a little bit different of an experience.  So when I got an invitation from Cici and Brandon at EscapeTheRoomers to beta test a remotely guided escape room, I was immediately intrigued.

Tampa, FL: Rabbit Hole Escape Games – Shadows of the Skunk Ape & Alice’s Tea Time

April 7, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

Christina and I were doubly excited to try out Rabbit Hole Escape Games in Tampa.  For one, we had heard from a few different sources that Rabbit Hole’s games are some of the best in the Tampa area.  And for another, I couldn’t wait to try Rabbit Hole’s escape room / mini golf hybrid. It’s the only game of this nature I’ve ever heard of- it might be the only one in the world.

Manitowoc, WI: What the Lock – Orvellio’s Reconjured

February 15, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

Orvellio’s: Reconjured left Christina and me wanting more, and thankfully, What the Lock has several more rooms we haven’t played yet.  Orvellio’s is a brilliantly designed room that caters toward puzzle enthusiasts, and it was the most satisfying escape room experience we’ve done in quite some time.

Keep It Up!

February 7, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

I’m happy to check in and say that I’ve got the inside track for one of the tickets to Red Bull Discovery Lab – I’m up 43-13-12!