Valparaiso, IN: Paradox Escape Rooms – House in the Woods

January 19, 2018 (Flashback) – January 19 was the real start to the year’s adventure.  Up until this point, the idea of hitting all 50 states was a fun thought, but little more.  This weekend I chewed up some road and started making the dream a reality.

My dad and I hit the road with only a vague plan.  With only an ordinary two day weekend, we decided to stop in Valparaiso, IN and Windsor, Ontario on day 1, then spring for Michigan and Ohio on day 2 (Saturday), then head home Sunday.  It was going to be a late night, but we were both up for the challenge.

After a quick internet search, we saw that Paradox Escape Rooms in Valparaiso was a good option for us.  It was located just along our thoroughfare and had positive reviews online.  We timed our booking well and showed up with a comfortable cushion before our game.

The owners were excited about starting the business and talked to us about the process of starting the room as well as the plans for the next room.  They had some really cool ideas for how to use the space, and I’m looking forward to revisiting them when it’s completed.

The House in the Woods room was a blast.  I like how the decor shifts as you progress through the room, from an “outdoor” area from which to gain access to the house, and then the areas of the house itself.  The puzzles were clever, challenging enough for puzzle enthusiasts with enough extra clues around to provide some guidance for first time attempters.  We solved the room successfully!

After hitting the road, we punched Windsor, Ontario into our GPS and prepared for a long evening…

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