Puzzle #7: Lost in a Labyrinth

Only one day remains before the clock runs out on the puzzle #6 response window!  If no one beats the 44 letter mark, a winner will be crowned!

Today’s puzzle once again changes the nature of the game.  We started with number puzzles, spent a week on a word puzzle, and now we’ve got ourselves a fresh logic puzzle!  This one puts you in the shoes of an adventurer in a strange maze.

Without further adieu, here is this week’s puzzle.  The first correct response in the comments will be declared the winner.

How do you fare here?  Do you solve the riddle and move forward, or are you trapped in this part of the maze forever?  Good luck!


The answer is zero. You may not even need to answer the question. Because the red keeper stated that the door is locked, you can try the door to know if he’s telling the truth or lying. If he’s lying, you can go through without answering his question. If he’s telling the truth, your answer of “zero” will get you through.


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  1. My answer would be zero as the minimum. I don’t have to ask a question as I can simply try the red door and see if it is locked; if it is I know that the red gatekeeper always tells the truth. If it is unlocked, I know the red gatekeeper always lies.

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