New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Delaware… COMPLETED!

I’ve been quiet for a few days, but not for a lack of activity!  Quite the opposite actually- been running hard these last few days tackling the east coast with no car and only a vague plan.  It’s been successful so far, with a ton of pleasant surprises along the way.

When I have more of a breather (it’s nearing 1AM here), I’ll provide more detailed summaries of the different adventures in each place.  I started the trip by leaving home at 4AM Saturday and visited New York, Connecticut, and New Jersey before settling down for the night in Pennsylvania.  Day 2, a quick pit stop in Philadelphia stretched into a full day in the city, but we still managed to catch an evening escape room in Delaware and press onward to Washington DC.

Tomorrow I’m going to have to find the right time to do three escape rooms (Virginia, Maryland, DC) while taking advantage of everything DC has to offer.  I’m glad I have two days here, especially since the hotel I’m staying at generously upgraded me to a suite larger than my own home back in Illinois!

I have many more details to share, and I’ll post if I have the chance, but while I’m out here my first priority is to collect even more stories!  Worst case scenario I’ll post the first part of the tale, starting in New York, on Thursday, with a new riddle still posted as scheduled on Wednesday evening.

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