Puzzle #8: More Meanderings

To commemorate a weekend of heavy travel and miles and miles of walking, this week’s puzzle is related to navigation and the what one might find while exploring.  This weekend I knocked six more states, plus the DC bonus, off my 2018 checklist.

Here is this week’s puzzle.  Good luck!


At his tent. Abe is near one of the two poles, either on ice near the north or land near the south. Whichever pole it is, he’s walking at a constant speed and completing a loop every ten minutes, encountering his own footprints again and again.


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  1. He’ll be right back where he started from, since the footprints he came across are his own. His tent is near one of the Earth’s poles, just far enough away that he can walk a relatively short path due east and loop around in ten minutes. Since it takes him exactly ten minutes to make a circuit, in an hour’s time he’ll make six additional circuits and end up where he started.

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