Puzzle #4

This week’s puzzle is a number sequence with a little twist.  What’s the twist?  If I told you that, it’d be a dead giveaway!  So have fun and good luck.  No outside knowledge required for this one.

Here is this week’s puzzle:

I’ve created a separate page describing the weekly puzzle challenge and linking to all previous puzzles both solved and unsolved.  I’ll be creating another page in the near future outlining the prizes you can earn from completing the riddles, so be on the lookout!

Good luck, and looking forward to seeing what answers you come up with.


The answer is 31. To calculate the next number in the sequence, subtract the tens digit from the ones digit and add the result to your number.


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  1. The next number is 31. The sequence is the second digit of the number minus the first, added to the previous number in the sequence. Thus, 7 + (7-0) = 14, 14 + (4-1) = 17, and so on. Since the last number is 32, the next number is 32 + (2-3) = 31.

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