Every week I post an original puzzle on this site.  The first person to solve the puzzle correctly and post their answer in the puzzle page’s comments gets two things:

-1 Puzzle Point
-1 Entry into a biannual giveaway for a free escape room ticket for anywhere in the world (limit $30 USD)

I will retain the balance information on Puzzle Points, which can be redeemed in the Puzzle Point Shop.  Every six months beginning 12/31/2018, I will randomly select one puzzle winner (entries are cumulative) and award them with a gift voucher to an escape room of their choice.

Happy solving!  Here is a quick reference to each of the puzzles posed thus far:




Note: In the event the number of participants grows, I will change the award to a randomly selected correct entry rather than the first correct entry.

Also, if a puzzle goes a week without being solved, I will add a hint.  I will add a new hint each week until the puzzle has been solved.