Chicago to Dallas: $46

August 21, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Most people seem to hate Spirit Airlines.  I used to be right there with them, but over the past two years, they may have become my favorite airline.  I just booked a quick 1.5 day getaway to Dallas for $46 round trip.  

Impromptu Detroit Getaway

August 4, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Talk about an unexpected journey.  For more than a week Christina and I had planned to go to Traverse City, Michigan again, staying at the bed & breakfast aboard the SS City of Milwaukee, an old 1930s ferry which now stays in one location as a museum.  Unfortunately for us, the rest of the world must have also decided this was a good weekend for northern Michigan, as the SS City of Milwaukee was booked completely and all other hotel options were in the $350 a night range.

50 States, Pictured

July 18, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I finally got around to plotting on a map the locations of where I’ve solved escape rooms. Now I’m interested in taking trips to plug some of the biggest geographical gaps.

Aquatic Atlanta Adventure

June 24, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

Christina and I had a brutal time getting to Atlanta and arrived late on Friday, June 7.  We left straight from work and came dangerously close to missing our plane due to an already-late Uber driver stopping for Starbucks on the way.  So of course our reaction was to seek out an escape room immediately upon landing.

And… Home Again

May 14, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

The trip to Denver was wonderful, start to finish. Rabbit Hole’s second room did not disappoint, and in addition to three other escape rooms, Christina and I also managed to do some hiking, visit an interactive art exhibit, and stop at some of our favorite pit stops.

Back to Denver

May 10, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

On the verge of returning to Denver for the first time since early November 2018, I noticed a strange quirk on my escape room tracker- I haven’t commented on any escape room experiences I completed since then! Since November I’ve been writing about experiences from earlier in 2018, of which I still have plenty more to document.

St. Louis Rush

March 30, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I mentioned it in a previous post, but last weekend, March 23-24, I took a very quick journey to St. Louis and back. Between the morning of March 23 and the afternoon of March 24, I solved nine escape rooms. Even for an enthusiast, it felt like a lot, but I have no regrets!

Snowy Trek: Do or Die

March 3, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

No, this post title isn’t an Antarctica-themed escape room. It’s a summary of my weekend. Christina and I hit the road right after work Friday and headed north, despite warnings of a serious snowstorm.

Ensenada, Mexico: Escape Room Ensenada + Room #300

February 12, 2019 Brian Gondek 1

February 9, 2019 – There’s a lot to cover in this post.  Not only was my visit to Escape Room Ensenada my 300th escape room, but it was also the first time I attempted an escape room in a non-English language.  The rooms I completed in Singapore and Japan were English-friendly, so this was a completely new challenge for me.