Odyssey to the East

Stamford Connecticut- I’ve been there once in my life, for about an hour and a half. And now I’m going back for a much longer period of time.

Christina and I are heading out to Stamford, this time via the road. Last time I visited, I had taken a train from New York City for a brief stop at Trap’t Stamford before turning around and heading back through New York, New Jersey, and a few other states.

Taking the road has some obvious advantages. Chiefly, it’s going to be great to stop and experience various sights along the way. We’re debating going to Buffalo / Niagara Falls on our way home, but that’s still a ways away.

I also can’t wait to try out more escape rooms in that general region- New York, Boston, and Philadelphia are all big cities nearby, and places like New Haven and Hartford also present great opportunities.

Checking out my route, I also see that we’ve got the opportunity to pass through Scranton- maybe a good Office-themed escape room? And there’s a town along the way called “Lock Haven,” which SHOCKINGLY, does not have an escape room in it. Talk about a missed opportunity!

Hitting the road soon, but will be posting updates from escape room, geocaching, and other puzzling adventures along the way!

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