Cancun: A New Adventure

For the first time in about four years, I’m going on a vacation in which it’s possible I might not complete an escape room. Horrifying, I know, but there’s a lot to look forward to.

I’ve still got a ridiculous backlog on wonderful experiences I need to write about ASAP. Conundrum Escape, Red Bull Discovery Lab, International Escape Room Championship, and more. I might find the time to do some of that writing on a beach in Cancun.

This trip had a strange genesis. We had planned a cruise out of Puerto Rico in June. It got canceled. We switched to another cruise of of Puerto Rico in August. It got canceled. We switched to a cruise out of Miami in September. It got canceled.

With these canceled trips we were snowballing credits with various airlines. American was more flexible in allowing us to save the credit until we’d like to rebook, but Frontier required us to commit to a new flight sooner. Our flight credit was somewhat large, and it needed to be spent on a single trip, limiting our options of where we could use it.

Thankfully, Cancun deals were looking great- direct flights from Chicago at reasonable prices. I’ve never been to Cancun, nor have I been to an all-inclusive resort, so I found this trip super intriguing. Especially after watching so many Poirot films in which the Belgian detective visits exotic vacation locales.

Of course, it’s supposed to storm the whole time. I’m not too worried. Even if we’re trapped in our resort, there are shows, and we’ve got a balcony. My worst case scenario is that I can look out on the ocean and catch up on my writing.

Still, something in the back of my mind tells me that I’m going to have plenty of puzzles to explore on this trip, and not just the ones I’m bringing with me. I found an escape room in Cancun (Boom60) that we may have to pay a visit, and there are a few Geocaches along the resort promenade. And a trip to the Riviera Maya or Cozumel is not out of the question.

Regardless of what happens on the trip, it’s nice to visit somewhere with a warm climate. I’m not a beachgoer, but the ocean setting is a great place for me to collect my thoughts and pull together some project work to make something new.

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