Tulsa, OK: Safehouse Tulsa – Crypt and Homicide

May 26, 2018 – No time for rest as I headed onward from Kansas City.  In a last minute judgment call, I decided to push forward to tick Oklahoma off my list of states.  My original plan was to dedicate a trip to flying into Dallas and driving from there to Oklahoma City (cheaper than flying directly to Oklahoma City).  But I had the time and relished the opportunity to get ahead of my planned pace for 2018. Read More

St. Louis, MO: St. Louis Escape – Subway

May 25, 2018 – St. Louis Escape looks scary from the outside.  You enter through an unadorned staircase adjacent to a loading dock.  The entrance is well-labeled, thankfully, and that gives you the confidence to keep you moving forward, though you reach for your cell phone to make sure you can call for help if you run into any trouble.  And then you enter the lobby and find all your concerns were for naught, as St. Louis Escape actually has a really spacious and comfy lobby which gives you plenty to do (puzzles, games, pinball) while you wait for your appointment. Read More

Louisville, CO: Rabbit Hole Recreation Services – Mystic Temple

November 2, 2018- I get asked a lot what escape rooms I’ve done have been my best or my favorite, and I’ve always deflected those questions.  One of the reasons I can still enjoy escape rooms after solving 300+ is that each room is so different, and most aren’t even trying to do the same thing.  Sometimes it’s a cinematic experience meant for a small group.  Sometimes it’s a communications exercise for a large group.  It can be a linear brainteaser or a tangle of parallel tracks.  Different people will like different styles of rooms more than others, and unless I know someone very well, I’ll have a hard time making a great recommendation for them.  Consequently, I really don’t like calling out any individual room above the others I’ve done.  But Rabbit Hole Recreation Services is seriously making me consider breaking my own rule. Read More

Brighton, MA: Komnata Quest – Boxed Up

September 22, 2018 – I had first heard of Boxed Up more than a year ago, but at the time, all I registered was that it was somewhere on the east coast and sounded neat.  An escape room where two teammates are locked in adjacent coffins and need to find some way to get out by solving puzzles in the confined space.  I hadn’t given it much of a second thought until I saw the description of it while visiting Komnata Quest.

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Brighton, MA: Komnata Quest – St. Angelo’s Castle

September 22, 2018 – Hot off our completion of our first and only Rhode Island escape room (Escape Rhode Island – Escape The Bunker), Christina and I headed up the highway to meet her uncle Dan near Boston.  We settled on the just-off-the-path Brighton, Massachusetts, right near Komnata Quest.  I heard about Komnata Quest from an escape room enthusiast I ran into in Los Angeles earlier this year, so I was eager to see what tricks it had in store.

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