Memento #3: Mindtrap Escape (Montgomery, IL) – Magnets

There are at least two noteworthy Mindtrap escape room businesses in the US – one in Illinois and the other in California. I’ve heard lots of good things about the California one, and I really enjoyed other rooms designed by the same people (Labyrinth Games in Nampa, ID), but today’s memento is from the Illinois one.

I really appreciate how many different designs of magnets Mindtrap has. It’s nice to be able to grab a different souvenir each time I return to the venue. I’ve played a few milestone games at Mindtrap (once on my birthday, once for my 600th game, though I didn’t realize it until later), and it’s nice to have a built-in prize.

Mindtrap really goes all out on its room designs. I remember talking to a game master and being shocked at how much had been invested into each game – I no longer remember the exact amount, but it was at least $100K, probably more. Most of the sets are sprawling and incredibly detailed. If I recall correctly, one of the games even has real props from the movie Saw.

Magnets aren’t my favorite souvenir because I can only put so many on my fridge before it looks cluttered, but I still really appreciate the novelty and enjoy the rush of getting to pick a new design each time I visit.

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