Memento #2: Edge of Escape (Zion, IL) – Flyer

Today’s memento brings me back more than five years. I last played a game at Edge of Escape in late 2018, beta testing the “Tunnels of London” game.

I remember being impressed by the theatrics at Edge of Escape. The escape room is from the same people at Dungeon of Doom haunted houses. Dungeon of Doom boasts 8 different haunted houses spanning 45,000 square feet, so the people behind the games definitely know how to dress a set.

Neither escape room at Edge of Escape is scary, which is probably a good way for the entertainment complex to broaden its audience. One room is based on time travel, and the other is a subterranean nuclear power plant.

A fun touch about the flyer, this week’s memento, is that the street setting depicted on it isn’t part of either game. Players travel through this space en route to both of the escape room scenarios, and it’s just an extra touch to start getting players into an adventurous spirit.

I haven’t heard any news about any new games coming from Edge of Escape, but whenever they come, I’ll be ready. The discount code on here is more than five years old, so it’ll be interesting to see if it still works!

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