Memento #1 – 60 to Escape / Cheesie’s Pizza Party

Today’s memento is from 60 to Escape in Schaumburg, IL, located within Woodfield Mall. I received these items after completing Cheesie’s Pizza Party.

The first item is a sticker for 60 to Escape, not specific to any room. While I like the design, I’ve completed a few of their rooms and already have one of these on my laptop. Still, I’ve written before about how stickers tend to be one of my favorite souvenirs from escape rooms. Your mileage may vary, though- I like them because I put them on my laptop. If you don’t have a spot to put them, it might not matter as much to you.

The second item is an arcade ticket from one of the games within Cheesie’s. It’s quite novel for a Chuck-E-Cheese-esque room to give you real redemption tickets during the game, and the ticket makes for a fun little keepsake. I have to imagine anyone who played this game for a life event like a birthday party might keep the ticket for a scrapbook.

Note: This “memento” series of mini-posts was created to archive the escape room paraphernalia offered by various escape rooms. It includes business cards, flyers, or other keepsakes- anything that wound up in my possession after completing an escape room.

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