St. Louis Rush

March 30, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

I mentioned it in a previous post, but last weekend, March 23-24, I took a very quick journey to St. Louis and back. Between the morning of March 23 and the afternoon of March 24, I solved nine escape rooms. Even for an enthusiast, it felt like a lot, but I have no regrets!

Newark, DE: Axxiom Escape Rooms – High School Mystery

March 19, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

July 29, 2018 – After staying just a bit too long in Philadelphia, I was on a tight timetable to solve an escape room in Delaware and catch a bus to Washington DC before the night’s end. Thankfully, Axxiom has a few conveniently placed locations along the nearby public transit routes, so we had an opportunity to complete the state.

Sioux Falls, SD: Escapades – RaPunzel’s Cottage

March 13, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

May 27, 2018 – At long last, I had reached the final point of my road trip through the midwest. Chicago to St. Louis to Kansas City to Tulsa to Omaha to Sioux Falls, all before heading back to Chicago. My poor car had to get back to back oil changes with the mileage I put on it. But it was well worth it- both Escapades and the town of Sioux Falls were extremely memorable.

Snowy Trek: Do or Die

March 3, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

No, this post title isn’t an Antarctica-themed escape room. It’s a summary of my weekend. Christina and I hit the road right after work Friday and headed north, despite warnings of a serious snowstorm.

Omaha, NE: Get Out Omaha – Y2K

February 25, 2019 Brian Gondek 1

May 27, 2018 – I had a magical day on the way to Get Out Omaha. My route took me through a few small town south of Omaha, one of which (Plattsmouth) required a journey across a long, narrow toll bridge meant for only one car at a time. I grabbed a late breakfast at Mom’s Cafe in town, trying an omelet with gravy (very different!)

Ensenada, Mexico: Escape Room Ensenada + Room #300

February 12, 2019 Brian Gondek 1

February 9, 2019 – There’s a lot to cover in this post.  Not only was my visit to Escape Room Ensenada my 300th escape room, but it was also the first time I attempted an escape room in a non-English language.  The rooms I completed in Singapore and Japan were English-friendly, so this was a completely new challenge for me.

Tulsa, OK: Safehouse Tulsa – Crypt and Homicide

February 1, 2019 Brian Gondek 0

May 26, 2018 – No time for rest as I headed onward from Kansas City.  In a last minute judgment call, I decided to push forward to tick Oklahoma off my list of states.  My original plan was to dedicate a trip to flying into Dallas and driving from there to Oklahoma City (cheaper than flying directly to Oklahoma City).  But I had the time and relished the opportunity to get ahead of my planned pace for 2018.

Tigard, OR: Stumptown Escape Games – Oregon Files and Seance

December 30, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

June 9, 2018 – Tigard, Oregon was the last stop on a trip that started in Anchorage, Alaska.  This was easily the longest trip I took in 2018 (the only one more than a week), but it was also a candidate for most memorable.  Stumptown Escape Games was a fitting endcap for the trip, leaving me with some great memories and a wish to return to try the other rooms.

Tacoma, WA: Freighthouse Station Escape – HH Holmes

December 26, 2018 Brian Gondek 0

June 8, 2018 – The Celebrity Millennium dumped my family and me off in Vancouver, and after a hike across Vancouver and an eventful Greyhound bus ride (a story for another time, titled “Poodunit”), I arrived in Seattle.  My plan was to grab a rental car in Seattle and catch an escape room south of the city, and Tacoma seemed like a great candidate.