Jigsaw – Colorful Sweets, Again

Christina and I really love these colorful jigsaw puzzles, and this time we ventured to do a 2000 piece one.

Ice Cream Social
Manufacturer: Buffalo
Pieces: 2000

This puzzle seems like a cousin to the Candylicious one we previously solved, also from Buffalo. Buffalo seems to cater to our specific preferences, and when we browse blindly in stores, we tend to gravitate toward theirs.

I’ve only solved a few 2000 piece puzzles before, and this one was the easiest. The puzzle has many, many distinct sections, and even down to the finale it’s possible to sort, then assemble. Trial and error is rarely required.

We started with the chocolate in the corner, than the bundle of straws at the top. After that we moved to some of the uniquely colored scoops like the green scoop at the bottom and the sherbet at the bottom left.

The pink sections in the middle were the last we completed, but even those had enough variance in texture to be able to sort them well.

An easy 2000 piece puzzle still takes a while, but it was a joy start to finish. We don’t have any others quite like this one in our queue, but we’ll be on the lookout!

Piece total since 3/20/2020: 11286

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