New Puzzle Contest:

So “new” is a misnomer here, but I just discovered this and it’s new to me. has a great collection of 290 free puzzles with more added all the time.

My favorite element of the site is that they put together a monthly challenge with one of the new puzzles. Players who follow along and answer correctly over the course of the year can qualify for a $25 prize.

I’ve really enjoyed the puzzles I’ve found on here. They have riddles, closeup photos, numeric puzzles, lateral thinking puzzles, and many more. This month’s monthly challenge was a complete blast.

Here’s the first half as a teaser.

Joe, John and Kim wake up in a room. Inside the room there is a scale and three sealed bags filled with coins. There is a locked door with a numeric keypad. There is a speaker in the room. A voice comes through it:

“The only way out is to key in the correct code on the keypad, you have one attempt only. I have a certain number of coins. One third of those coins are in your room divided into the three sealed bags you see in front of you. You are not allowed to open the bags, nor attempt to count the coins. But you are free to weigh them. The weight of the bag is negligible.”

The rest of it is on the site, along with the form for entering your answer. If you get it right, you get to be included on the next month’s newsletter with a roll call of the winners.

I joined the mailing list and will definitely be following along with the monthly challenges- if you’re a fan of puzzles like this, you may want to jump on the mailing list and follow along as well!

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