Jigsaw – Submarine Escape Puzzle

I was really looking forward to this one- a visit once again to the Ravensburger Jigsaw series, this time with a submarine theme.

Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Pieces: 759

Like some of the other puzzles, I was disappointed with how obvious the final answer was from the instant I started putting together the border. Though not quite as egregious as Curse of the Wolves (where it’s near impossible to put together the border without accidentally solving the final puzzle), it’s still more likely than not that you’ll connect a few of the final answer pieces when trying to build out the basic puzzle.

The art itself was generally nice and brightly colored. This may have been my fastest solve of the escape puzzles. I started with the dials, wires, and paper, filled in the remainder of the sub, and then moved on to the water, working my way from the bottom up.

The puzzles this time were good. There was one that was a real head-scratcher, where I figured out the technique early but there was an unusual curveball in how to interpret it. Because the pieces needed for the final solution were obvious, I was able to look at the pieces from every direction and got the number intended, but it seemed a little strange.

Overall, this one ranks at about the middle of the pack when it comes to the escape puzzles. The final solution is too obvious to make this one too exciting for puzzlers, but if you treat the final puzzle as a bonus, the overall puzzle experience is still good.

Piece total since 3/20/2020: 13045

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