Travels, Treasure, and Mysteries

The last few weeks have been crazy. I’ve visited some of the coolest escape rooms I’ve seen, gotten involved in trying to build an escape room community in Chicago, and tried a new type of treasure hunt. Oh yeah, and working and training a new puppy. And I actually almost forgot- starting a little business, too.

Any one of the below updates warrants a much larger writeup separately, but I’ll run through these rapid-fire for now.

Treasure Hunts: I’m participating in the Masquerade Tribute Treasure Hunts- a series treasure hunts featuring vague maps and clues to hidden treasure. These ones are “armchair” hunts for the most part, meaning that you can find the secret location from home and send in your answer to score some real-life treasure. It’s really exhilarating when you submit an answer you think might be the right one! We were so close on one of them- we even discussed submitting what would have been the correct solution but passed on it.

Humungous escape rooms: I’ve played two escape rooms that claimed to be the largest in the world, but I think the Saga games at Escape Code Branson may be even larger. I always love the rare occasion when I could be yelling on one end of an escape room and my teammates elsewhere in the game wouldn’t be able to hear me (not that I would do that). Very cool games.

Murder mystery delight: I’m featured as a suspect in a murder mystery home game from Tall Tales Mysteries (although I wonder how many people would recognize me in the picture!). Tall Tales Mysteries has put on many phenomenal online murder mystery events, including ones where I’ve had the honor of playing a character in the story over the course of a full weekend, and I absolutely cannot wait to dig into the game and find out if I’m the one whodunnit. I will 100% be sharing photos of the awesome content in this game.

Meetup: The makers of the Morty app for escape room enthusiasts are leading the charge to build up communities of escape room players, and I volunteered to help bring this to life in Chicago. It’s a bit of deja vu for me since I had run an escape room Meetup group in the Chicago area about six years ago, but this time there’s a lot more energy behind it and I’m excited to see where we go. It’s also cool to see how much the Morty folks are invested in building an app that hits all the right spots for enthusiasts.

I would like to write a full length post about each of those topics, but with so many projects running simultaneously, and with some of the treasure hunts still active, I at least wanted to share this little taste of it. Hopefully I’ll have some treasure to show off from one of these hunts soon! I’m looking forward to having some cool pieces to display in my home office!

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