The Push to 500

491, with just under two weeks to reach 499. The pressure is on.

I really want the four hour Save the City escape room at City 13 to be my 500th. It’s not impossible to do, but I really need to use my next two weekends properly to get to that mark.

This Saturday I’ll be playing two games at 60 to Escape Milwaukee (Pirate and Invasion). I don’t have any plans beyond that but need to squeeze in six more in the near future.

This last week has been bad for progress for a few different reasons. I did knock off two escape rooms on Saturday at Golden Escape Grayslake to get me from 489 to 491. After that, though, it’s been all about puzzle hunts. Puzzle Potluck and Riddler went live at the same time and I participated in both. More notes on those later.

Puzzle Potluck is also to blame for my “adult content advisory” on the default Youtube video on this site. My newest video was put together as a submission for one of the answers in Puzzle Potluck 4, and it uses a clip from John Wick with a few F-bombs in it. Still was a blast to put together.

The RECON escape room conference happened this weekend. For the second year in a row, I registered, and that was pretty much it. Next year! I did start tackling an interactive voice system puzzle put together by Puzzle Crawl for this event, so at least I can say I did that much in it. Everyone who joined it seemed to love it, so I should find a way next year. Though it might be tough because I’m LOVING Puzzle Potluck and may have a hard time carving out time for both.

So that’s the quick update on what I’ve been up to. I can’t get distracted by puzzle hunts too much, but I’m almost done with Puzzle Potluck and can get back to working on some of my other big projects I’ve got in the works!

One more thing- there’s a Kickstarter for Tall Tales Mysteries to release a home game murder mystery. I enjoy kicking back and doing a home game here and there, and Tall Tales Mysteries has always impressed. The Kickstarter perks are delightful (at a minimum getting a street named after you on the city map, and you can pay to lend your likeness to a witness in the case!). I backed it, and I can’t wait to see this materialize!

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