Coolest Prize Ever

August 31, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

I wont bury the lede on this one- I went to Sixty to Escape Milwaukee this weekend, played three games, and snagged the coolest escape room prize currently in my possession: an oversized gold pirate coin, prop quality, with the business and room name etched in code around the side.

Galactic Hunt: 20/20 Vision

August 18, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

Galactic’s 2020 online hunt arrived a year late, but better late than never. I had never participated in a Galactic Puzzle Hunt before, but I’ve heard it mentioned as the largest (and possibly most prestigious?) puzzle hunt. Team Galactic designed the most recent MIT Mystery Hunt so I was a little familiar with their puzzles, but I had no idea what to expect. I was glad I participated, but this contest is definitely not recommended if you either a) are new to puzzle hunts or b) don’t want to dedicate more than a few hours of time.

Bethlehem, PA: Escape.exe – Site 117: Duos Challenge

August 10, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

April 24, 2021 – At the end of our stay on the east coast, Christina and I hit the road for home late. We intended to get on the road early but ended up spending a lot of time in New York City, and it was already well on the way to evening when we hit the road. I had scouted ahead and spotted an extremely unique-looking challenge- the Duos game at Escape.exe.