Strange Weeks

These last few weeks have been strange. I’ve been busy, but I’ve been able to do a LOT of puzzles. Mostly by sacrificing sleep.

I’ve been working through Panda Magazine’s Puzzle Boat 2 with Jon C and John B for the last two weeks, and we’re getting there! All puzzles unlocked, with well more than half completed.

Life has been busy outside of these puzzle challenges, as well. I’ve done two escape rooms in the past two weeks, so I’m still active there, and work has been busy. But any time I have a free moment to jump on my computer, I’m solving Puzzle Boat puzzles.

Each puzzle takes about 30 minutes when you’ve got the right idea on exactly what to do, and hours if you don’t. It is very helpful having teammates, and I understand why groups of about 10 are recommended. The puzzle answers unlock after one month, and I really, really want to solve this thing before our month is up!

There have been many, many glorious moments of “aha!” throughout. Many occurring well after I should have been in bed. I know my teammates are guilty of the same thing, but it’s the necessary sacrifice to keep pressing forward!

Still, I look forward to having a break between this challenge and the next. I’ve had a lot of side endeavors placed on hold during this time, with writing being the least of them. I’m hoping pretty soon I can have some products to sell on my site. And games like Gumshoe, Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective, and home escape room games aren’t going to complete themselves!

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