Puzzle Boat 2

October 28, 2020 Brian Gondek 8

At long last, we’ve finally completed Puzzle Boat 2! What started as an afternoon session with our whole team working together at the same time turned into a full month of nonstop puzzling that occupied every discretionary moment I can find.

93 Down, 39 To Go

October 16, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

Hanging out at the auto mechanic today to address an overdue issue with an engine part on recall, and it’s been a good opportunity to kick back and solve a few puzzles. Our team, The Sign of Four, is down to the final 39 puzzles of Puzzle Boat 2, which sounds like a lot when you don’t consider how many we started with.

Strange Weeks

October 12, 2020 Brian Gondek 0

These last few weeks have been strange. I’ve been busy, but I’ve been able to do a LOT of puzzles. Mostly by sacrificing sleep.