Jigsaw – Witch’s Kitchen Escape Puzzle

After a long hiatus, I jumped into another Ravensburger escape puzzle. I’ve solved about half of the designs in this series and always enjoy them- the puzzles are a nice little reward for solving the jigsaw.

Witch’s Kitchen
Manufacturer: Ravensburger
Pieces: 759

The theme this time was Witch’s Kitchen. The story isn’t what you’d think. When I hear Witch’s Kitchen, I assume the solver has been kidnapped and needs to escape before the witch returns and starts her oven. Nope! Instead, the solver eats a poisonous mushroom and needs to locate the antidote that will counteract the poison.

It took me a little while to get started on the puzzle and to find the themes, but once I got going, I found a lot of nice sections to sort and work through. The stool, table, books, vials… Lots of little themes to pull together, and the image comes together nicely.

The puzzles were fine, but the final mystery puzzle was a little underwhelming. Even after solving the puzzles and getting all the final pieces, it’s not clear how they fit together, and because they’re all physically able to fit together in any combination, it’s not apparent even after solving if you get it right.

Even if this wasn’t the strongest of the escape puzzles, I still enjoyed it. And I definitely plan to complete the rest of this series, and however many future releases this series brings!

Piece total since 3/20/2020: 18487

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