Puzzle #9: More Wacky Geography

This week’s puzzle is thematically similar to last week’s- interesting geography with key context clues removed.  How will you fare this time?  Give it your best shot.

The protagonist this time is George.  I’m thinking of doing a series of four of these to also give puzzles to Tom & Theo.

For the time being, please continue to post your response in the comments section!  Good luck!


The answer I was looking for is a spiral stairwell. Walking around in these directions results in going up or down a floor and to a different door.


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  1. I suppose George might be a gunslinger, encountering an unfound door on the shores of the Western Sea, but for real world geography he could be at the South Pole. From the pole, the only direction that you can travel is north. Thus, it’s possible for him to travel due north, but when he turns to travel west it can be at an angle that isn’t orthogonal to his original direction of travel. This allows him to get on the other side of the door he was on.

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