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It’s been a long-time desire of mine to spend more time creating puzzles, and it’s never been easier. There are almost too many tools to use to create, and it’s about time I start taking advantage of them.

I’ve created a new page for my puzzles / projects. It’s a little more elaborate than when I previously posted one-off images as riddles. I may go back to that model at some point, but right now I’m really interested in exploring the Room Escape Maker tools.

You can see the puzzle page at the link below. I’ll add any new puzzles I create to this link. Right now I’m targeting one release per month.

My goal is to make puzzles that are challenging enough to feel very rewarding when completed, but with enough guidance that solvers can use built-in hint features when stuck. It will likely take a little time to nail the right difficulty level and hint system, so in the meantime, I appreciate any feedback.

I hope you enjoy solving the puzzles I’m putting together!

Here is a direct link to the first puzzle, titled “Winner Takes All.”

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