Las Vegas Update: Five ERs and a Bunch of Caches

I can’t believe I’ve only been in Las Vegas for just over two full days. Five escape rooms, a bunch of caches, and a whole lot of exploring the Vegas strip.

I usually underestimate how much there is to do and see in Las Vegas. The first day was spent almost entirely on showing Christina around a few of the casinos on the strip. We had a great time, although I will say that it is a bad idea to go up the Eiffel Tower at Paris when the temperature is well over one hundred. We barely held it together long enough to watch the next round of the Bellagio’s fountain show before breathing a sigh of relief on the elevator ride back down into air conditioning.

The last time I was in Las Vegas with my buddies, I had bought a Fat Tuesday mug and brought it back with me for discounted refills. With the weather boiling outside, it’s the perfect setup for an alcoholic slushy.

Late in the evening my dad and I solved both two-person games at Number One Escape Rooms. Both games were very unique. Claustrophobia locks two players in side by side coffins and forces you to communicate to find your way out. I’ve played a game like it before in Boston (Boxed Up at Konmata) and welcomed the opportunity to play another game like this. Chained forces players to work through a full escape room while seated back to back, limbs connected by the eponymous chains. Both games were clever and had good puzzles to make use of the unique setup.

One other detail I liked about Number One is that each game has a bonus puzzle that, if solved, rewards the players with a discount code to return for another game. Great incentive to keep coming back!

Day two, I met some friends and we cashed in my discount codes for the back to back Cabin / Shed experience. Both are spooky rooms and it made for a fun back-to-back. In the Cabin, the setting was scary enough that one of my teammates refused to enter one of the game’s creepier spaces!

On day two, I did a little more gambling with mixed luck. My best machine was Fortune Cup, an automated horse racing game. I only played three bets at $1 each, and I came away with $20 on one of those and $58 on another. Good deal!

My worst fortune has been on roulette. My worst experience was when I placed a bet at an automated kiosk, watched my number win, and then found out that my bet wasn’t valid because I only had $3 on the table instead of the $5 minimum.

On day 3, I started the day by heading to Tule Springs Fossil Beds. I saw no fossils, but I did see the pictures at the visitor posts showing what they looked like. There were more than a few Geocaches in the area and we collected a handful, though the baking sun and lack of cover kept us from venturing further out into the desert to find even more clusters of caches. Maybe a nighttime adventure this week?

On our way back we went to yet another game at Number One Escape, keeping our chain of bonus rewards rolling. This time we played Red Riding Hood and really enjoyed exploring the murderous twist on the fair tale.

My friends suggested Lost Las Vegas as the next escape room to try; when on their site I was delighted to see that Lost had three nominations for the Top Escape Room project in 2020. I booked the room that had registered those nominations, although I hope to get to try the other rooms there, too.

The room starts in forty five minutes, so I have to be off soon. But so far, so good on Vegas! And I’m seeing David Copperfield tonight!

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