Back from Vegas!

David Copperfield. Cirque Du Soleil. Gordon Ramsay’s Pub & Grill. Going to the top of Stratosphere and the Eiffel Tower. Touring the Avengers and Hunger Games exhibits. Eight escape rooms. Yes- we had a full week!

It was an unusual week in a few ways. For one, Christina worked the full week without taking any vacation time. I worked three days during the week. It worked out surprisingly well, since the Pacific time zone meant we could sign off by 3PM every day and head out to enjoy the city.

That approach had one noteworthy downside, which was that we each had to sign on for work extremely early each morning. I tend to work 7:30 to 5 Chicago time, meaning 5:30 to 3 Vegas time. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds since we tended to keep our schedule on Chicago time, but it meant that we had to shy away from doing anything after 10PM Vegas time. Not a huge problem, but I would have loved to do 1-2 more late night escape room marathons.

So time for a rapid fire recap, one sentence per adventure. David Copperfield was neat- great to see a magic legend, and there are a few illusions we’re still speculating about. Cirque Du Soleil was trippy but impressive- we saw the Mystere show, which had something about babies, something about a bird man, something about a crass usher, and a giant snail mixed in with impressive circus acts. Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill served delicious food- I had the fish & chips and Christina had filet mignon. I’ve been up the Stratosphere before, but it was nice showing Christina, and we made a good call to go up at nighttime so the heat outside wasn’t suffocating. The Avengers and Hunger Games exhibits were fun- our favorite part between both was the interactive archery game in the Hunger Games exhibit.

And of course I continued to play through other escape rooms. We continued playing games at Number One, and before the end of the week we also branched out and solved escape rooms at Lost LV and Once Upon an Escape. Both places were delightful and I was disappointed not to have the opportunity to play more rooms at either place. But next time, I’ll take care of that!

The week went by pretty quickly, but I’m happy with how much we were able to fit in. I learned the ins and outs of driving in Vegas, as well, and about a day into our trip, we stopped needing to use a map to get around town. I just avoided driving down the strip whenever possible- with so many pedestrians leaping out into the street at any given time, it takes a while to get anywhere on the main drag!

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