Vegas: Tough Start

June 27, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

I’ve flown a lot over the past few years, and my flight to Vegas edged its way into my top 3 awful experiences. Story time!

Roundup of the Week

June 19, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

I usually have a bad track record of posting updates while I’m in the middle of something, and right now is no exception. Puzzle hunts, online escape rooms, physical escape rooms, mystery projects, new areas of study- it’s been busy. But time for an update!

Advanced Puzzling: Math Imitates Puzzle

June 14, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

One thing I’ve seen that seems to be mostly loathed by lovers of escape rooms is the math puzzle, or worse, puzzle-free math computation. Though I love math, I get it- you sign up for Indiana Jones-like adventure, not arithmetic class.

Huntinality 2021

June 10, 2021 Brian Gondek 0

I found out about the Huntinality puzzle hunt about a week before the contest launched, but any thoughts of participating were squashed when I had a major family event happen the day I would have been working on it. I was thankful when a friend suggested we go through the hunt a week late- better late than never!