Between Journeys

I’m currently smack dab in the middle of my busiest stretch of travel in quite some time, and between travel, work, and outside commitments, this may be the busiest I’ve been in my life. Not even factoring in trying to start a business and repair a barn.

I recently completed a trip to both Las Vegas and South Dakota. For Labor Day weekend, we’re going to northern Wisconsin and following it up with a road trip around the upper peninsula of Michigan into Mackinac Island territory. We’re concluding that trip by passing through lower Michigan for a complete loop around Lake Michigan.

Two weeks later, we’re planning on yet another cross country trip to head to Connecticut. I’m excited about this trip- on our last visit out in this direction, we visited two excellent escape rooms that were on the verge of opening sequels. Both sequels are open now, and we can’t wait to try them.

Shortly after that, we’re aiming for yet another trip- some kind of pure vacation. At a high level, we’re imagining a trip to Florida plus a cruise assuming the dominoes fall into place. As the weather gets chilly, it’ll be nice to seek warmth.

Following that, we’re continuing our annual tradition of deer hunting in late November. Christina’s employer has a moratorium on vacation in December, but we’re hopefully going to be able to make it to Poland in January to celebrate this year’s ERChamp contest.

Between travel plans and side projects, I’m drowning. But in the best possible way!

I’ll conclude with a fun story about my recent trip to the Grand Canyon. One of the attractions at the Grand Canyon is the Skywalk, a short walk on a glass bridge over a 4000 foot drop. It was really cool, and the site leans into treating the Skywalk like a dare.

You might be able to tell from the photo I posted, but there’s a big loophole for the Skywalk. Only the center of the bridge is glass- the left and right sides have thick metal supports to ensure everything stays in place. Walking on the metal isn’t harrowing at all- it’s like walking on any normal bridge.

Though the Skywalk was popular and crowded, only one customer in twenty stepped on the glass at all! To me, that seems a lot like going skydiving but not jumping out of the plane. Different strokes for different folks, but if you’re traveling a long distance to do a “skywalk,” you should probably go all the way, right?

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