500 Tomorrow!!!

This weekend, I got my ducks in a row to prepare for my 500th escape room. Two rooms Wednesday, one Friday, one Saturday, and one Monday was all it took to line me up at 499 prior to Tuesday, September 7.

Now I’m lined up to play the four hour Save the City game in Oak Creek, WI, at 5:15 PM tomorrow. The banner for the game indicates that this is the largest escape game in the world, so it makes for an extremely fitting #500.

How will we do? Only time will tell, but twenty four hours from now, we’ll be wrapping up one way or another. I’ll bring a little extra caffeine to keep me going throughout the challenge.

City 13’s Save the City game takes the business’s four original escape room games, the streets and alleys connecting the games, and an additional fifth escape room built just for this challenge and bundles them into one oversized game. It’s a lot of ground to cover but I trust my team.

Given that I’m the only one in the group who has played all four original games, I plan to stick to the alleyways myself while the group splits up so that I can help keep things coordinated and jump in to support with the knowledge I’ve retained on the layout of the building. Thankfully the previous games were memorable so I remember most details about how to navigate them.

Wish me luck!

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