5/16 Micro Update

Exhausted- that’s the theme of the day. Please pardon the scattered nature of this entry.

This weekend, I participated in Tall Tales Mysteries’ virtual murder mystery weekend. I also visited two homes, put in a bid on one, and lost that bid.

My original plan was to wake up at 4:30 AM today to prepare for the first murder mystery event (a forensic science lab in which we got to learn about blood spatter and linguistic analysis). Due to the stress of having put in a bid on a home, I ended up getting up at 2:45 AM instead and have not rested since.

After a day of connecting with the realtor and visiting the home a second time, I finally found out at 8PM that we did not place the winning bid, so at least I can rest again.

I’m saying all of this to apologize for not providing better coverage during and immediately after the murder mystery weekend. The event was phenomenal, and I wont spoil anything, but as a mini character in this event, I had my hands full building rivalries, anticipating questions, and searching for the truth. I will be writing much more about this event, and I will also likely record a new video in my “Walter Kloin” costume.

Happy new week!

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