Brighton, MA: Komnata Quest – St. Angelo’s Castle

September 22, 2018 – Hot off our completion of our first and only Rhode Island escape room (Escape Rhode Island – Escape The Bunker), Christina and I headed up the highway to meet her uncle Dan near Boston.  We settled on the just-off-the-path Brighton, Massachusetts, right near Komnata Quest.  I heard about Komnata Quest from an escape room enthusiast I ran into in Los Angeles earlier this year, so I was eager to see what tricks it had in store.

Sure enough, St. Angelo’s Castle starts off with a bang- a scary, unorthodox entry to an immersive, gloomy dungeon.  At first, it appears there’s very little we can do to remedy our situation.  Then as our eyes start to adjust, both to the dimness and to the unusual elements in the room, we begin to find elements that help us unravel the puzzles.

Much credit to Christina’s uncle Dan for solving an early puzzle with a trick straight out of The Princess Bride.  Without too much spoiler, his accomplishment involved artistically wielding sharp weaponry.  There’s an easy way to do things and there’s an awesome way to do things, and Uncle Dan did it the awesome way.

The room has plenty of surprise reveals and there’s a clear connection between each space and each puzzle.  As we moved through the different puzzles, progressing in a mostly linear fashion, we found ourselves admiring the artistic detail in the space.  The puzzles worked thematically and were well-executed.

I’m not a huge fan of inadequate lighting in escape rooms, but thankfully, the puzzles in St. Angelo’s Castle were designed appropriately to fit the dimness.  There was one challenge where a little more light would have been really nice, but overall the means of lighting did its job contributing to the atmosphere without hurting the experience.

As time ran low, we ran into some trouble on the last few puzzles, but with one nudge and with one great insight from Christina on the very last challenge, we made it out of the dungeon!

It was an exciting room and one I’d highly recommend for showing off to someone who has never tried an escape room before.  The number of puzzles was comparatively lower than many rooms but each puzzle was somewhat complex and woven into the theme.

To this day I believe this room is still one of Christina’s favorites, and it’s the one she always brings stories from when trying to convince friends and family why joining us for an escape room is a good way to spend an evening!

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