Travel Trick – Vegas Hub!

I stumbled across an incredible little travel secret this week while planning a Vegas trip. It’s going to revolutionize how I travel.

As I was planning a trip to Las Vegas, I uncovered a frustrating obstacle- all the flights back to Chicago from Las Vegas are terrible. There are plenty of affordable options if you’re willing to fly overnight, but daytime flights either require long stopovers or have prohibitively expensive ticket prices.

All that changed when I made a remarkable discovery- there are a LOT of places that have cheap flights to/from Las Vegas. Flying to a smaller airport from Chicago is never cheap. From Vegas, on the other hand? Tons of $20-60 options!

The map doesn’t do it justice, but those $40-50 destinations give a taste. If you zoom in further on any of these places, even more options show up, many of them for destinations I never considered accessible.

$42 to Medford, Oregon? $20 to Reno or Sacramento? $58 to Bozeman, Montana? $43 to Amarillo, Texas? My mind is blown.

With such a wealth of options to pick from, I selected Rapid City, SD as the starting point for the second leg of our trip. We’re going to see Mt. Rushmore, Deadwood, and the Badlands while driving back home over the course of two days. I couldn’t be happier.

I also can’t wait to dip into this pool again. For some of these other destinations, I’d plan to fly into an obscure airport and then make a road trip to a bigger airport with cheaper flights to Chicago. Fly into Laredo, TX, play the escape room in Corpus Christi aboard a World War II aircraft carrier, and fly home from Houston? Yes please! Fly into Albuquerque or Laredo and cross the state of Oklahoma on a road trip? Amazing. Fly to Bozeman and take a scenic train back to Chicago? Incredible. All for less than $100 total of plane tickets.

Looking forward to seeing all the new doors opened by this travel trick!

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