Staying Informed About New Rooms

I’m surprised by how difficult it is to keep apprised of which escape room businesses are opening new rooms.  Every business has its own newsletter, but most of these get dumped into the Gmail “promotion” folder and get lost in the shuffle, especially given how many of the escape rooms I signed up for send out “remember we exist” emails that drown out more important announcements.  So what’s the best way to stay informed?

Sometimes it’s easy.  If there’s an escape room I’m really excited about, no advertisement is needed.  I’ve definitely had a few cases where I’ve revisited a business’s website once per week to check on the status of the latest game.  I have to admit I’ve even called a few places to check in. But this is one case where I feel that I’m definitely not the average consumer, so I don’t think escape rooms can count on this.

Occasionally businesses do a great job putting out an email or social media page with enough content that I want to read it every week.  Rabbit Hole Recreation Services has a fantastic weekly / monthly puzzle challenge with phenomenal prizes, worth playing along with even if you don’t live near Denver.  Mobile Escape Room and Hidden Key Escape Room also put together high quality newsletters with good riddles, and The Escape Game had a very neat online challenge system while it lasted.

The release of Rabbit Hole’s Frost Base Z is what got me thinking on this subject.  I’ve got some new photos from that room I’ll share in the near future, and I’ll be posting separately on what it is about Rabbit Hole Recreation Services that gets me excited about their new room.  Rabbit Hole Recreation Services is definitely one of the businesses that warrants paying attention to when they’re opening new rooms, so when they’ve got the 1-2 punch of a memorable business and a great online presence, I know the instant they open a new room.

The other solution, and one that is probably the most attainable of any of these options, is to just let visiting players know that new rooms will be coming.  That’s all it really takes at the end of the day. If any escape room business near me ever tells me they plan on opening new rooms, I can guarantee you they’re getting at least one web visit from me to check for a new room whenever I’m stuck in on a rainy day.

This last solution is probably also the most realistic for resonating with the general population.  If a player has fun and knows they might be able to reproduce that enjoyment at a later date, it’s a huge value to call out then and there that another room will be coming down the pipeline.

I’ve nearly missed playing a few great escape rooms near me because I never got word that a new room was in the works.  Sometimes owners have told me a room is coming within a few months, and a year passes with no development, but during that time I’m still checking, and when I look at a list of nearby escape rooms, I’m definitely visiting those websites to check for more.

How do you stay informed on what’s new with the escape rooms near you?  Shoot me a note- I’d love to hear!

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