Site Upgrade!

Given that the world out there has changed dramatically, it’s about time I have my website follow suit.

It’s a little bit painful being stuck at 395 escape rooms completed, but that’s the epitome of a non-serious problem so I’m not going to complain about it, especially when so many people are dealing with so many legitimately serious concerns.

So with that in mind, I’ve got a lot of positives to report, a few site redesign features, and a few fun “coming soon” things.

  1. “At Home” category. Right when the lockdowns started, I stopped by What the Lock Manitowoc and purchased a healthy stack of home escape room games. I’ve also tried a few of the online challenges. Christina and I have also finished a high volume of jigsaw puzzles, some related to escape rooms, some not. All of this is being grouped into one subsection on my main page.
  2. Coming Soon: My Escape Room History / Game History. This is something long overdue, and I’ll be adding it as a tab on the site, including links to reviews where possible.
  3. Coming Soon: Online Escape Game. I’ve built a little demo and it works just fine- I can build a simple escape room game on this website. I’m going to replace the weekly riddle with a less frequent but more involved game on this site.
  4. Coming Soon: Board Game. It’s a trivia game, not a puzzle game, but I’ve got a playable version ready to go. It’s just about ready for playtesting, and then the only thing standing between me and completion is a complete lack of art for it. But if I’ve got everything else, I’m sure I can hire a freelance artist online.
  5. Coming Soon: Murder Mystery Dinner. I’ve got a half-written “Shadow over Innsmouth” themed (but lighthearted) murder mystery dinner I was planning for my friend Jon’s birthday that I never finished. That was 11 months ago and I’ve got another shot… Though who knows when we’ll be able to get a party of ten together again.

I have a number of other projects in mind, but if I don’t focus on one at a time, I’m not going to finish any of them, so I’m sticking to the ones that are at least 50% ready. And I’m continuing to try all the different kinds of escape room home games so I can report back on which ones are best for which types of audience!

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