Puzzle #10: Gotta Have It

Finally, this week’s puzzle is ready.  Yesterday was a crazy day, and I apologize for missing the normal schedule.  But it’s ready now, so dig in!

When I publish a “what am I?” riddle without testing it first, I may accidentally offer a riddle with more than one valid answer.  But I had one specific item in mind when writing this one, so good luck guessing it!


Sleep. You’re not conscious once you have it.



  1. I can imagine a few possibilities. Time, luck, and health all seem like they’d fit. Unless you’re looking for a physical item rather than a concept.

  2. For each of those, you’d be at least partly aware that you’re getting them while you’re getting them, unless the luck refers to a specific case of something happening outside of what you can see at the time. But there’s another answer I’m looking for.

    Sagar T. responded with the response I was looking for already, but I wont post it here just yet.

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