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I never really had an interest in making videos, but I was inspired, in large part thanks to Red Bull Mind Gamers.

When the Red Bull Mind Gamers Discovery Lab went virtual, I received a very large mystery package in the mail, containing, among other things a green screen and lighting equipment. The main purpose for these is to use them while I participate in the Discovery Lab, but if I get a new toy, I’m playing with it!

The lighting equipment has posed a bit of a challenge for me- my desk is too thick to properly attach it, but the green screen got me started playing around with various recording / editing software.

And somehow in all of this, I started posting videos, with neither green screen nor editing. Go figure.

My first two videos were related to the new GoCube Edge I just got in the mail (which is a fantastic gadget, by the way). I thought it’d be fun to map my curve from never having solved a Rubik’s Cube before to being a speedster (1 minute is my target). But the video channel also makes for a lighter way to cover some subjects that may be a little dry when written about.

I’ve got a few ideas of fun ways I can use video. I’d love to have strangers send me puzzles while I’m live on the air so I can be forced to solve them in real time, under pressure. Especially if they’re complex problems like the Monty Hall scenario and Rational Pirates.

And speaking of Monty Hall and the Rational Pirates, I think I could provide some value by breaking these problems down in video. When I solve a problem, I don’t feel satisfied until I’ve busted it up enough such that I can explain it to a non-puzzler.

Of course I still love writing, and I’m going to continue to do this as long as I have a little bit of discretionary time to do it with. But it’s really fun having a whole new channel to play around with!

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