Guest Puzzler

As I’m approaching my own deadline for putting together a riddle this week (Wednesday before midnight!), a colleague and puzzle enthusiast sent me a big list of rebuses (rebi?) to tackle.  Deadline for my own submission is tomorrow, so wish me luck.  When I finish, I’ll report on how many I was able to solve and you can try your hand at beating my mark.

I don’t have the answers now but will post them when I do!

Note that a few of these images call out a color that didn’t show on the printout.  Also, a few other color issues to point out:

-The E in #11 should be red.
-#14 “gent” is a light brownish color.
-#39 the u is orange and the first e is red.

Good luck!  I’ll also share how I fare.  Credit to Danielle C. for finding these puzzles.

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