Exploring Upstate New York

May 18, 2022 – Today, I’m doing a little exploring of upstate New York! It’s a bit of a bare section on my map of escape rooms played, and I’m rectifying that today!

Backtracking a little- I had a somewhat eventful drive on my way from Chicago to Rochester. I booked a 1:30 PM escape room in Sandusky, Ohio (at Ghostly Thrill entertainment center), a five hour drive from my starting point. Given that I was also losing an hour due to a time zone change, I needed to hit the road at 7 AM to get to my appointment in time.

My first escape room of the day was a nail-biter. I finished with only seven seconds to spare! With about a minute and thirty seconds left on the clock, the game master told me that she was going to let me play through to the finish after time runs out. I hadn’t given up yet and threw my all into completing the game on time. I made it, barely!

After the room, I checked my messages and saw that Five Wits wasn’t going to allow me to play by myself given that their games physically require 2+ people. I looked at the map and the time and found a slot at All in Adventures in Mentor, OH that I could get to on time (barely) and that would keep me headed in the right direction. After a scare with an accident in Cleveland jeopardizing my arrival time (my ETA was about 45 minutes late until my maps app rerouted me) I made it to the mall in Mentor housing the next escape room.

All in Adventures has simpler, lower budget games designed to fit easily into a mall setting. I finished the Treasure Island game in about 30 minutes and grabbed some Vietnamese cuisine in the food court before pressing on to reach my final destination near Rochester.

Imagine my surprise when I got this view from the office of the Air B & B. This is Canandaigua Lake.

I’m sitting here as I’m writing this post, and it’s awesome- a luxury I didn’t expect. I worked from the office here all day yesterday, and today I’m just using this for some personal errands since I’ve taken the day off to head to Syracuse.

And that brings me back up to present! Today I’m headed to Syracuse to play three games back to back to back at Museum of Intrigue. I’m not 100% sure what to expect- from what I gather, the games there are similar to Wizard Quest in that I’ll be playing multiple different games that share the same physically sprawling exhibit. I bumped into the people from Museum of Intrigue at the Transworld Escape Room Show in St. Louis and this has been on my to-do list ever since.

After Museum of Intrigue, I’m heading back to Rochester to pick up Christina (she’s working out of an office this week- it’s the reason for our trip) and head to Omega Escape Rooms to play their fallout shelter room.

That’s pretty much the long and short of the trip! We’re going to take our time heading back on Saturday and may even stay overnight at a hotel on our way back to soak in more of the experience of this area. I’m looking to find a way to play at least one game at Escape City Buffalo on the way back (TERPECA-nominated rooms) and check out Five Wits to see what it’s all about, now that I’ll have Christina with me. But we’d also like to do non-escape room things along the way like visiting natural parks and touring Niagara Falls (which I’ve already seen from both sides and the Maid of the Mist boat, but I’m not opposed to repeat visits to natural wonders).

That’s my plan for now, but we’ll see how it changes as I get into the mix of things!

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