Colorado Puzzle Challenge

The last month brought us a new surprise with a wonderfully designed online puzzle challenge- a free game made by ten Denver-area escape rooms working together.

Here’s the link- I recommend checking it out even if you don’t live near Denver!

If you live near Denver, solving all the puzzles nets you a discount at each of the ten escape rooms, and even if you live elsewhere, you get a diverse array of puzzles to try.

The way it works:

  1. Start on, follow a link to an escape room’s website.
  2. Search the home page for the following gold pan logo, then click on it. (Thankfully, these were all easy to find, so I didn’t have to spend hours poring through subfolders)
  3. Solve a puzzle and get a code word to enter on

The puzzles were incredibly diverse and enjoyable. My favorite was probably the one for Conundrum Durango, which includes both a cipher and a virtual tour of a historic building. I’m a little bit of a 3D photography geek and love the idea of virtual tours (I once spent hours navigating Angkor Wat this way), so this was a blast to explore.

Conundrum Durango’s Puzzle

Another favorite was the one from Conundrum, which utilized multiple layers of audio and visual puzzling to weave together one mean cipher. Thankfully, there are plenty of hints to keep puzzlers moving in the right direction.

Conundrum’s Puzzle

I probably wont be back to the Denver area in time to take advantage of the discounts I earned for playing these games, but I’m still thrilled with the chance to have gone through these all on a quiet Sunday morning.

I’ve written extensively about the high quality of escape rooms in Denver, and with Denver being a hub for Frontier Airlines located toward the country’s center, it’s probably one of the easiest places in the United States to get to. If you’re on the fence about taking a trip out there, I highly recommend solving these puzzles and then starting to plan your journey to visit some of the best escape rooms in the country.

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