Big Plans for 2022!

I’ve got a lot of big plans for 2022. In all honesty, I’ve actually been waiting for the new year to make a few big moves, primarily registering a business officially so that I can cleanly start tracking everything for a new tax year. 2022 is here, and so are my updates!

The biggest update- my dad and I are partnering together on a unique souvenir business. He and I are tackling different aspects of it.

I’m focused on custom modular papercraft artwork. I call it the “Leo Frame” to evoke the spirit of Leonardo Da Vinci (and also to use the constellation Leo in the product logo). I craft each item one at a time using only the best and most sustainable sources of premium cardstock, and they look awesome! I’ve been making one-off designs for gifts for much of the last year, and at the start of 2022 I’m at the finish line for closing out the last steps that would allow me to make batches of custom designs (namely, packaging!).

My dad is focused on making custom stamped metal coins. We’re currently selling one of his early designs as a souvenir at Locked In Crivitz. We call these “Prove It Coins” to be kept as a memento of doing something special- we see lots of these at big tourist attractions, like cruise ports, museums, and the Hershey’s chocolate factory, but we’re excited about being about to bring this kind of thing to places that normally don’t consider them an option.

As part of our plans for this year, we’re looking at taking down our one-hundred-year-old barn at our family farm and putting up a modern garage with power that’ll allow us to continue to grow and upgrade equipment and do even more in-house. That’ll be a big project in and of itself, but with the barn roof on its last legs, it’ll be a great way for us to let the space live on.

I also would like to use our new business to kick a near-finished board game I’ve been working on out the door. I developed a working prototype nearly two years ago but stalled at the graphic design/art phase- there’s a huge difference between playable and polished! But at this point, it makes sense for me to make a “prettier” prototype 2.0 followed by either bringing in a partner for artwork or using something like Upwork or Fiverr to connect me with someone to clean it all up. The game’s concept is unique, and despite all the games coming out every year, I believe this one fills a surprisingly big void. I’d also love to see if I could win some design awards with it!

And of course I still want to keep up my escape room / puzzle / mystery adventures. And do well at my day job. And spend plenty of time with family. My ambitions for 2022 may be a little overstuffed, but I’m excited for the challenge and looking forward to a new year!

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