World on Lockdown

So things continue to get more and more dire out there. Somehow, I still haven’t managed to spend a single evening kicking back…

Even though most businesses are closed, it’s more important than ever to support the ones that are open, for those with the means to do so. As much as I can, I plan to patronize local restaurants through their to-go options.

I see some escape rooms and other places Christina and I like to go (Laugh Out Loud Comedy Club!) have started advertising gift certificates to generate funds to tide them through this rough patch. While this doesn’t make up for the lost sales, it’ll help spread out the damage a little.

The big question is when this will all be over, and what “success” looks like. If even a single case remains undetected, we could end up right back here again in a few months, if the virus lets up between now and then in the first place.

I’m looking forward to seeing how many of the temporary measures to promote health and safety stick around for good. Maintaining personal distance and disinfecting surfaces should help combat annual plagues like the flu, and I’m all for knocking those out for good.

I’ll also be really interested to see if escape room owners who got locked down will spend this time designing some really cool stuff. I know the owner at Challenge Accepted in Bloomingdale, IL is always putting together some cool new innovation, and Rabbit Hole Recreation Services in Denver recently put together its own home game kit. Mystery Escape in Utah developed an online cooperative escape room challenge, and maybe now it’s time for that to shine. Overall, there’s a great opportunity here to innovate.

For my own part, I’ve made some strides on the murder mystery dinner I started pulling together last June and subsequently forgot about. I also have a fun concept for a board game (trivia game, not puzzle) that’s nearly ready to demo. Christina and I are picking up a few new technical skills, in addition to our day jobs. So we’re definitely not idle when the world shuts down.

Continue to be safe, wash your hands, don’t panic, and keep your mind active!

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